I am Edsard Schutte. Born on a winter day in 1970. My life has been eventful: from business school to studying communications and from art gallery owner via conceptual copywriter in advertising to project developer in real estates. Not to mention the many long travels all over the world, with a huge preference for Indochina. They say a man is travelling to find himself. Well, for me that happened closer to home. One day – shortly after the sudden death of my younger brother – a fierce burn out filled the sky and I was forced to step out of the advertising industry’s rat race.

That turned out to be some sort of awakening. The only way out seemed in. I learned that I am a typical Enneagram Type 4, ISFP and HSP kind of person. Yeah, google that. It means I am all about freedom, autonomy and feelings above all. Always on the look for unique identity, meaning and adventure. To be authentic and real are important things in my life. My feelings always seem truthful to me and creating stuff is the greatest way to reflect this sensitivity.To be able to express my urge for creativity, freedom and autonomy, I have been transforming buildings for a profession the past decade. That means buying old buildings, change them from commercial or public to residential use by making a complete new layout and execute the plan with a team of professionals. I love this work and will keep doing it in the future but experience its limitations in terms of artistic possibilities at the same time.

So nowadays, I also create dramatic, immersive beauty in the form of contemporary art that connects to my heart and soul. Without boundaries or rules and continuously fed by a fascination for interesting structures, unusual or recycled materials and originality. Luckily, I was able to trade my house in the busy centre of Amsterdam in for an ancient church at the quiet and peaceful countryside in the North of The Netherlands. After turning it into a comfortable home and workspace, I happily work here nowadays on my art and designs.